The telephone ringing at odd hours is frightening, especially if it’s is in the middle of the night. There’s nothing more terrifying than learning about a loved one’s arrest, the possession of drugs, and they’re needing a bail bond for drugs. It’s because the sale, transport, and import of any illegal substance is a serious offense in California. The defendant may get a long prison sentence if convicted for possessing a controlled substance. This is why you want to do whatever you can in your power to free your ward and not let them spend a night in jail. The only and best solution you have is through a bail bond. But the bond requirements for these offenses are very severe, with strict sentencing guidelines. This is why you should first be mentally prepared for all this by understanding the bail bond system. You should know the factors influencing the bail bond for drug possession and amount.

Factors that affect bail bond for drugs amount

There are various factors that help a judge determine the bail amount for each arrestee. Here are common and important features judges consider in a drug conviction case.

1.     Amount of drugs in possession

The fact that the arrestee possesses drugs is an arrestable offense. But the quantity of drugs the person possesses also affects the bail amount. The bail bond amount will be higher if the arrestee possesses quite a large amount of drugs.So the penalty for possessing 75 g drugs is more severe than the penalty for possessing 30 grams of drugs. This consequently means that the bail amount is higher for 75 grams than 30 grams. It’s not only the quantity, but the type of drugs in possession also affects the bail bond for drugs. Marijuana possession for medical and recreational purposes is legal in some states. This is why it can also lead to a less severe penalty than possessing something like cocaine.

2.     Accompanying charges for bail bonds for drugs

You will have to be ready to pay for a higher bail amount if the arrestee is facing more than a drug trafficking charge. It’s quite obvious because the judge will have to assess, and charge for each act individually. If the bail amount for one charge is $15,000 and the second is $25,000 the judge considers both amounts before declaring the final amount. As usual, more severe extra charges rake in a higher bail amount.

3.     Flight risk people

Another very important factor is if the defendant is a flight risk. If you wonder what ‘flight risk’ means, it’s a term for people known for not returning to court on the mentioned dates. It is also used for people whom the judge feels may try to leave the area before their conviction trial. Based on the defendant’s flight risk reputation, the judge may have the bail bond revoked or grant a higher amount. With so many factors affecting the bail bond for drugs amount, it’s imperative you act fast if your loved ones get arrested. This is where we at Josh Herman Bail Bonds can help you. We use our contact network and more than 75 years of experience in the field.  Our bail bond 24 hours agents are available round the clock, working hard to get your loved out quickly.

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