It’s not often that you get a call late at night, and these calls generally mean bad news. A typical situation will be your friend or family member calling asking for help bailing someone out of jail. You naturally want to help, but there’s still that one side of you nagging and telling you to mind your own business. The choice of whether you bail the person out depends solely on you and your relationship with the arrestee. But the following points may help you decide if bailing someone out of jail is the right thing to do or not.


The first thing you should do is find out what crime the person is charged with. Misdemeanors like a first drunk driving or DUI charge usually gets a sentence of up to 93 days in jail. The person is arrested and taken to the police station to be fingerprinted and booked. If lucky, the police may let the arrestee go as long as they attend court on the specified dates. However, the police may in some cases need a bail bond to release the arrestee for assurance to appear in court. It’s usually with felony charges like a third or higher DUI arrests that the arrestee has to stand before a judge to pay bail.

Questions to ask yourself

Once you know what exactly had happened, it’s time to do some self-assessment to decide if bailing someone out of jail is right. You do this by asking yourself these questions:

1.     Do you know the person well enough to bail them out?

Understandably, you want to help a close friend or relative. However, you may also consider how often the arrestee may get into the same predicament. You should think twice if the defendant is a repeat offender for cases like DUIs. You may end up paying for their bail in all the cases, but they never learn from their mistakes.

2.     Can you afford to pay the bail amount?

Remember, a bond 24 hours doesn’t come cheap. You may have to spend up to tens of thousands to release your loved one. Of course, you can always use a bond company to help you out if you don’t have the means to pay the entire amount. You just have to pay the bail bond agent a fee for their services, and they will give you the bond amount. Some may require collateral for the bond. However, some bail bondsmen may also offer bail bonds with no money down for some cases.

3.     Do you know the bond process?

The bail bond process doesn’t end with your paying your loved one’s bail and them getting released from jail. It is a promise, specifically made by the person who pays the bond which is you, that the arrestee will attend all court dates. You will be held responsible if the person misses the court date, and you risk losing all the money paid. In short, it’s better to pay bail if you are confident the arrestee will attend court dates and not purposely miss them.

4.    Get a trustworthy bail bonds company’s help

Look for a reliable bail bondsman near me in California like Josh Herman Bail Bonds if you decide that bailing someone out of jail is right. The California bail bond company should clearly describe the bail bond process. They should also clear all the doubts you have, just like Josh Herman does. You should also feel comfortable in the agent’s company. Remember, you two will be working together to ensure your loved one gets out of jail.  You two will also be responsible at ascertaining that the defendant meets all court dates and fulfills their obligations.

5.    What about bailing someone out from another state?

Things can get tricky if the arrest is in another state, and turns to you for help. This is something you cannot do alone, and need the assistance of a professional bail company. This is because there are two main problems involved here with out-of-state bonds.

The first is that there may be changes in the state’s laws and regulations. This means that the bond rates and processes may be different in the other state than in California.

The second problem is that it’s not easy meeting the bond requirements for the arrest. Factors like the county they are in, their charges and the bail amount are difficult to meet. The bond company needs all this information to fill out the paperwork while applying for bail.

This is where a company like Josh Herman can help you with bailing someone out of jail. They can make your out-of-state bail easier by educating you about the state’s local laws. Their agents will also meet your loved one, and pay bail if you can’t reach there on time.

Besides, the bondsmen have contacts to get the relevant information about your loved one. Besides, you will have to go through additional steps to verify your bail bond online. You may have to electronically sign documents. Be ready to send the bail bondsman’s fees as quickly as possible so that they pay the bond.

6.    The final choice is left to you

In the end, it’s you who decides if you want the help the person out or not. You have the liberty to choose based on your financial status and your connection with the arrestee. You can also consider how responsible the person is at fulfilling the bond’s obligations. The pivotal factor here may be gathering bond funds. Josh Herman Bail Bonds will take care of this, at a low fee.

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