If you get arrested and sent to jail, a bail is what gives you freedom. You have to arrange a certain amount of money. Then as long as you turn up for the court hearings, you are pretty much safe from jail. But, this is true. Yes, posting and paying bail does give a critical provision for your release. Besides, there are certain situations which may end up in the judge canceling the bail. They will instead have a warrant issued for your arrest. Here are those 7 specific conditions you should know, and avoid to ensure your bail does not get canceled.

1. Committing Another Crime

It is very important that you follow all the rules while out on bail and make sure you don’t violate any laws. This means that suppose your buddies are always getting into trouble. Then it will be better for you to sacrifice their friendship for your freedom. In fact, it’s better to not only avoid such friends through the bail period but also forever. If caught committing a crime, you may not only end up in jail but you don’t even have another shot at getting out on bail. Committing another crime is the most important reason for getting bail revoked.

2. Skipping Court Hearings

It’s important that you appear for all scheduled court dates upon posting your bail. Failure to do so leads to the issue of a bench warrant for your arrest. This means that even if police catch you jumping a traffic stop, the police have the right to take you to jail. Yet, sometimes you may have to miss court hearings because of something important. If this is the case, then you will have to first intimidate your lawyer, and explain the reason for missing it. It’s better informing them about your absence before and not after the court date. Your attorney will thus be able to arrange for another court date. But, it is always better to not miss any dates and appear to court as scheduled. You should think about missing your court hearing only as a last resort, when if you have no other option.

3. Possessing Weapons

Judges who grant you bail may limit your ability to even carry any weapon or firearms. If this is so, then do not carry weapons, firearms, and anything destructive or dangerous. Doing so may risk getting your bail revoked.

4. Contacting Some People Or Visiting Some Places

The court may forbid you from contacting the alleged victim, or from visiting a certain place. If this is so, then it’s better to avoid visiting them for your bail period. You face the risk of a serious violation if you harass or even contact the person. In fact, there is a high possibility that you will end up in jail, and not be able to get out again until trial.

5. Traveling

Some cases may have the judge forbidding you from leaving the city, or traveling until the trial. If this is the case, make sure you know all about the travel restrictions imposed on you. This way you can follow them and not do anything that risks your losing bail.

6. Misconduct In Court

It’s quite normal that once you get caught you will do whatever you can to avoid going to jail. But, this doesn’t mean that you have the right to engage in anything illegal in or out of court. This only increases the risk of the judge rescinding your bail and punishes you by putting you in jail. Some people do mistakes like threatening their case witnesses or bribing jury members. Any of this risks your bail getting revoked, which you don’t want to happen. It’s only by handling your court case in an as ethical manner as possible will you be able to avoid getting locked up. You have your attorney to turn to for advice if you are unsure whether your behavior may land you in jail or not.

7. Revealing Fraudulent Information

Never try to reduce bail by misrepresenting yourself, or providing fraudulent information. Doing so risks an accusation for fraud, and the revoking of your bail. Always amplify yourself and your situation at your bail hearing. Reveal oy true details about yourself like how much you earn and your identity. Provide all the required information on time, and do not hide any facts. This is why it may be better to have an attorney to handle your bail hearing to avoid confusion at the hearing. Imploring wrong and fraudulent information on your part only lands you in trouble.

Getting arrested is a traumatic experience. You can get bail by paying some amount, but it’s left to you to ensure you remain on bail and don’t add to the trauma. Wrong behavior on your part, can only lead to your bail getting revoked, which you do not want to happen.

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