The only reason you may need a bail bondsman is when you or someone you know has been arrested and in need of help. You want to find the best bail agent around to get out of jail as soon as possible. The problem is that there are so many bail bondsmen around; you may need to use the following tips to find the right person.

Yelp Reviews

A bail agent’s presence on the Yelp review site proves its competence and commitment to their work. The reviews they accumulate plays a lot in improving their company awareness, and giving them new customer insights. Remember, most people trust online reviews from sites like Yelp as much as personal recommendations from friends and relatives. However different people assess these reviews differently. Some of them give preference to the text written, some on the business rating, some on the number of reviews available and some even choose based on reviews provided by near and dear ones. This proves that rating and reviews have a huge influence on people looking for bail bondsmen. It’s all thanks to people looking online for more information about services or products before using them.

Yelp reviews are one place where people can find out how well and quickly the bail agent helped them out in a moment of crisis. The increased exposure gained by bail agents through Yelp reviews helps them get more customers. It also gives the customer the right bail bondsmen to help them out. So basically going through Yelp reviews tells you quite a lot about the agent, their work style and experience through the review. While it’s not advised to choose your bail agent solely based on these reviews, Yelp reviews do at least give you an idea of the type of work and experience the bail bondsmen do.

Now you know about the importance of, and how Yelp reviews can help you find a bail agent. So it’s time to find out more about these 8 other tips that will help you finalize your choice.

1. Check their license

Don’t forget to check the bail agent before finalizing one. You can do this by paying your state licensing department website a visit. The site provides you with updated information about the agency are licensing status. Be ready to find some complaints on the site, which will prove helpful to you in making a choice. It shows you bail agents who are best ignored, or avoided.

2. Experience and resources

Don’t forget to find out more about the agent’s experience and resources in the field. It’s always better to deal with bail bondsmen who offer flexible payment options. It’s a sign that they place their client’s need first, and understand their financial problems. They usually have the expertise and knowhow to furnish bails for most of their subjects.

3. Fees

Find out how much you will have to pay the bail agent as fees. It’s usually 10% of the bail amount, but it’s always better to first confirm. You can then make comparisons between different bail agencies to find the person offering the best deals.

4. Attorney referred agents

It is worth checking out bail agents your attorney recommends. This is because they get to meet quite a few agents in their line of work. so they obviously know who quotes the best rates, and who are experienced and work quickly.

5. Bail amount

It’s better to wait until the arrestee has their arraignment hearing to start looking for a bail bondsman.  If you are lucky your lawyer may be able to convince the judge to lower the bail amount. Remember, it’s the judge who decides the amount. They sometimes even release people on their own recognizance, which means that there is a chance of their releasing an arrestee without any bail. So instead of rushing things up, if you can wait, it’s worth waiting for your judge to announce the bail amount.

6. Duty officers

It helps to get friendly with duty officers. They know many bond agents, even the reputable ones, and will be able to help you get bail at a lower amount.

7. Cheap bonds

Don’t get fooled or enticed to work with bail agents charging low bail fees of 4% or lower. Though you may get attracted by their offer, it’s usually the less reputable and inexperienced bondsmen who quote low rates. Besides, they may also end up breaking laws, leaving you in much more trouble than before.

8. Agencies

Agencies like Josh Herman Bail Bonds are the best people to approach while looking for bail bond companies. They not only save you time and effort but keep all your information confidential and take full responsibility for the case. They help you post a bond, and know most court clerks and attorneys. This makes them a better choice than the smaller companies having a handful of people working for them, and who may not be able to help you much.


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